Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks Technobabe!

Heartfelt thanks to Technobabe for this award. I feel honored and humbled at the honor. Technobabe's blog is one of my favorites, and richly deserving of an award called "Honest Scrap." If you haven't yet found it, don't waste another minute. I found this post particularly moving.

The rules are to link back to Technobabe, share seven things about myself you might not know, and pass this award on to other bloggers.

Here are my seven things:

1. I grew up with 30 cats. Most of them lived in a guest house out back. We called it the cat house.

2. As a kid, I loved the TV show "The Lone Ranger." When I was six, I announced that I was leaving home to move "out West." We lived in California. My step dad wanted to know what they were teaching me in school.

3. I'm probably the worst bowler in the history of the game, but my grandfather was a famous bowler. He is in the bowling hall of fame and was once voted the best bowler of the first half of the century. His business partner in the bowling alley he built in 1940 was silent film star Harold Lloyd. The facade of the building still stands (it's considered historic for its architectural style), though it now contains condos.

4. I've lived in 17 cities in seven U.S. states and one foreign country.

5. When I was in high school, my boyfriend gave me a gold, S-chain necklace. I wore it until I got married to my current (second) husband a little more than seven years ago. While I have no problem moving on (see #4 above), I have a harder time letting go.

6. My mother used to take me to Dodgers games. A friend of hers had season tickets for box seats along third base. To this day, I can't think of baseball without remembering her.

7. When I feel sad, I like to watch "Anne of Green Gables." It always makes me feel better.

One of the things I love about reading these awards on other blogs is that they introduce me to new friends.

I'm going to pass this award on in recognition of posts that have moved me with their artistry, honesty and mettle. Had I not gotten this from Technobabe, the post I linked to above would certainly be on this list. Here are two others:

This post from Midnitefyrfly at My Sacred Insanity.
This post from Gabriella Moonlight at All Who Wander Are Not Lost.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your lives and thoughts with me.


  1. Oh my, we keep finding more that we have in common.
    I grew up in southern CA and have moved at least 100 times so far in my life. I was at many a Dodger game until I moved to San Diego years later. I don't watch Anne of Green Gables but I have the book and that along with Pride and Prejudice are what I read sorta like eating comfort food! I love that you had so many cats when you were growing up. That is really cool about your grandfather with the bowling record. That would make a good post some time. Glad you enjoyed the award. You didn't waste any time, good for you. See, we are like that too!!

  2. Congratulations on your award. Did you have names for all those cats? Wow! I made is simple when I replaced my parakeets when they would die and named them the same name over. Blessings dear one and thank you for sharing.

  3. I love cats, but 30 is just plain

    I'm always happy to meet another person who has moved around a lot. My husband grew up in the same neighborhood most of his life, so he doesn't get it.

  4. I love hearing all these things about you, bowling history etc. Very cool. !

  5. I cracked up at the "moving out West" statement you made! I guess you'd end up in the Pacific (not a bad place to be). 30 cats - that's about 25 too many for me, but I do love cats.

    How fun getting to know some things about you!

  6. Well, we have a lot in common too. I moved a lot. I sat at many a baseball game. Some of the most memorable were at Dodger Stadium. I sat on a beach in western Florida staring at the gulf of Mexico dreaming about sailing west, not realizing I'd end up in Texas. I just wonder what you did with all those cats when you moved.

  7. congratulations :) you certainly deserve this award. and thanks for linking to other blogs you find inspiring.

    i too love anne of green gables. it's definitely something that comforts me too. it also helps me feel more connected to myself somehow. i really identify with her.

  8. Wow! I love your list - the bit about the bowling alley is so cool. I came over to visit from Mama Zen after seeing your avatar whom I now know to be your granddaughter - brilliant. Congratulations on your award. I certainly enjoyed my visit.