Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Family Grows By One

I have another new sponsee, and I have to say this is really starting to feel strange.

I've been going to my Monday night meeting for more than a year now, and every meeting, for all that time, I've raised my hand when the chairperson asks who is willing to be a sponsor. Not a single person has approached me. Until a month ago.

Then, three weeks out of the last four, someone has asked me to be their sponsor.

On Monday night, I didn't even share. It was a tag meeting in which the chairperson shares, then tags someone else, who shares and tags someone else, etc. I didn't get tagged.

Funny, it occurred to me that because I didn't share no one was likely to ask me to be their sponsor. I felt a little disappointed as I thought this because I had the simultaneous thought that I had room in my life for one more. And then the meeting ended and this woman stood there looking at me with an expression I now recognize.

So I have to wonder: What changed?

I asked my sponsor that. She said what changed was that God decided it was time.


  1. Kathy,
    oooo, I got the chills with your sponsor's answer!
    You seem to have a great, wise sponsor :) I'm still catching up so just read through last Thursday's - so many great posts.

    I was reading the one about the slogans etc and it was "funny" b/c the "slogan" I use the most is one I got from one of YOUR posts!!! I've never heard anyone in my Al-Anon meetings say it, but since I read it in your post from the day you carpooled/coffee cup, I say it to myself all the time, "if it doesn't have your name on it, don't pick it up." (You actually just mentioned it again in your last post.) Although I think I have changed it to, "If it's not yours don't pick it up." But I get it!

    How awesome was this: ???? What a great post -
    "God had taken the memories of that painful time and had given them to someone who loved me. Because Bill loved me, he would remember. And he would give my life back to me in the most loving way possible."

    And - the green pool lesson - first of all I love the ask ONCE...etc... that your sponsor taught you. Anyway - I am learning the green pool lesson myself right now. The past couple months, almost all the things I've been obsessing over in the future (which I know I'm not supposed to be doing, making it more obvious that I'm doing it) end up being non-issues before the time comes. Ah, all the wasted energy I've spent...
    Anyway - a lot of good stuff, I think I remembered all the comments I wanted to make :)
    Oh - one more - how cool she called you for V-day :)
    God bless!

  2. God decided it was time and you are in acceptance and ready!!

  3. I think people see you working your program with humility, and want what you have.

  4. What a nice way to put this - the family grows by one.

  5. Kathy,
    I believe in God's timing, too. Thanks for sharing. From reading your posts. They will be blessed to have you.

  6. I like what your sponsor said. And way to back what's been given is awesome. Sarah