Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Controller's Prayer

I was looking through my Al-Anon books the other day, and a small piece of paper fluttered out. It was a small "prayer" that I had nearly forgotten about. I say "prayer" in quotes, because it's a bit tongue in cheek. A take off of the serenity prayer. But it helped me in the beginning when I was learning to detach with love, probably because it doesn't take itself too seriously.

It's not conference-approved literature, but I did pick it up at an Al-Anon meeting, and it kind of floats around certain Al-Anon circles. So here goes:

Controller's Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept people as they are,
Without wanting to "help" or "improve" them,
the courage to do or say nothing,
And the wisdom to mind my own business.


  1. Gosh, minding my own business is hard as heck! LOL.

    I read your last post about the two Barbaras, and it had me grinning;)

  2. Okay, this makes it harder than the serenity prayer because this one says people, when you say things you don't have to include people!! Smile.

  3. Gotta love that! Keeping my mouth shut and minding my own business... two of the hardest things for me to do! I mean, I am SO HELPFUL :) Since Al-Anon it's so OBVIOUS when I open my mouth, or go to do something, then am like, "Hey, that's not mine!!!"
    I LOVE from your post (last week?) "If it doesn't have your name on it, don't pick it up." That's been going through my head as a reminder ever since...
    God bless :)

  4. LOL
    haven't heard that one before, but it certainly would fit right in at a CoDA meeting!

  5. The courage to do nothing. How true is that? Perfectly written.