Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sages of the Funny Pages

Every now and then, I come across a cartoon that really speaks to my recovery.

Early in my recovery it was something in the comic strip, "Get Fuzzy." "Get Fuzzy" is about a comic strip writer and his two pets, a not-too-bright dog named Satchel and an malicious cat named Bucky. My husband and I read it because it reminds us of our own pets.

Anyway, for some reason I didn't cut out the strip that day, but I did write out this line and put it in my copy of the Al-Anon daily reader "One Day at a Time."

"I don't feel it's healthy to keep your faults bottled up inside me." --Bucky Kat

I wrote this down because that's, in essence, what I did. I took on things that did not belong to me, and made them mine.

I saw this cartoon in the paper yesterday.

The crab is saying "Ariel!! What did your father tell you about working with humans?"

Ariel answers, "But they really need my help!"

Meanwhile, oil billows out below and the caption reads "The failure of plan ABCDEFGHIJKLM, with all but the last letter crossed out.

I was Ariel, with my hardhat and my wrench and my toolbox naiively rushing out to fix a problem that was beyond my ability to solve.

The caption could have represented all the "fixes" I did that failed to resolve anything.

Ice crystals always developed in my concrete box.

Today's Reminder in ODAT once again tells me "I will apply the wisdom of the First Step (admitted we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives had become unmanageable) not only to my relations with the alcoholic, but to all the people and happenings in my life. I will not attempt to manage or control what is clearly beyond my powers; I will dedicate myself to managing my own life, and only mine."

Today, I still have my toolbox. But I've replaced the tools with those I've acquired in Al-Anon. And the only person I use them on is myself.


  1. I love the first one - it is SO easy to take on other people's issues.

  2. My sponsor says if it doesn't have my name on it, don't pick it up. Easy said, not so easy done. Whew...


  3. Great message,SHEN you are so right about that.

  4. I love 'Get Fuzzy', but I haven't read the comics in so long...not since I've been in the program. I am sure I would see a different side of a few of them if I were to read them again.

    I have to thank you, so much for the comment you left me. Sharing your experience with me was probably more helpful than you know. I am truly grateful :)

  5. I love the analogy. You are so wise! Thanks!

  6. I need that Today's Reminder every day!

  7. When we really look at our own lives, we have to see that we have so much of our own stuff to work on and so much living to do that we would be cutting ourselves short if we took on other peoples stuff too.

  8. I too need to work on taking care of just me! Great way to remind me!

  9. So true. I don't manage someone else's business or their lives. It just doesn't work. Great reminder today.

  10. Kathy, great reminders. Self care right now is a struggle for me, but I am getting there.

  11. great advise kathy! it works if you work it!



  12. This post is a good reminder. I have a retired tool box, too.

    Thanks for sharing this. :)