Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the Stars?

I attended Alateen certification training yesterday.

As an adult child of an alcoholic, service in Alateen is something that's been on my heart since I started exploring service opportunities a year ago. But I didn't have enough time in the program to qualify.

Since then, I've taken service commitments in my home group, begun my service work in the state prison and taken on three sponsees. I believed I was pretty well committed.

But I also believe in being open to guidance from my Higher Power, and I know that what He has planned for me is seldom what I have planned.

Last week, the area Alateen coordinator announced the training this Saturday and I had just passed my second year in the program (the length of time required to qualify). I'm almost never in town on a Saturday, but there I was, with plans to be in town on a Saturday.

So I attended the training and submitted my references and required documentation for certification.

I don't know what I will do with this. There are two meetings desperately seeking Alateen sponsors, and both are on nights I'm seldom in town.

So while I'm waiting for my certification to be processed, I will pray on this.

I'm not big on Horoscopes since I've learned to rely more on God, but just for fun, I clipped the horoscope on my birthday this year.

It says: "...As you study and take in many experiences, you have the sense that you don't yet know how to apply what you've learned. Hold tight. Your purpose is more obvious in the spring. A door opens to your life's work in April..."


  1. GReat. I think it is a fab opportunity and how spontanously you applied for it. I hope the outcome will be the one you are looking for. Hugs across the pond

  2. very interesting Kathy :)
    bless you,

  3. Super! You get the training and doors will open when the time is right. You have the heart for teens of alcoholic parents and you are good with people.

  4. It is so good to help the teenagers. I wish I would of known about Al-Anon and recovery in High School It would of saved me alot of grief. :) I pray your HP will guide you to the right group at the right time.


  5. I can't wait to hear how your Alateen service work unfolds. They are a very special group of kids. It sounds like you are on a new path and I hope it is one of peace and joy.


  6. That is great. I was certified recently as well and am thinking about starting an Alateen group in an area of the county that really needs a meeting.