Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wash Your Hands of It

This isn't Al-Anon, but it's interesting.

I read this recently in The Wall Street Journal. Research has found that when subjects washed their hands after making a difficult moral decision, they felt less guilty about it. A recent study found the same for non-moral decisions. It was a small study, and didn't compare washing hands to other activities with no relation to cleansing. Still.

When I have a difficult decision to make, I always pray and meditate on it until the way seems clear. Then I turn it over to God.

Next time, I'll also "wash my hands of it." I like the idea that the act is symbolic of "cleansing and purifying." And who knows? I might also ward off a cold.

I have a question for regular readers. Is there a past post you've found memorable? I've been asked to submit some posts for an E-zine and find that I'm a poor judge of my own work.

So, without making this seem like a homework assignment, is there something that comes to mind? If so, I hope you'll leave me a comment. Thank you.

Hubby and I are off to the land of no computers. I'll drop in for a return visit when we return. Till then, take good care.


  1. I'm still a newbie, as far as your blog is concerned, but I looked back and outside of the sex post, I really liked the post 'where everybody knows your name'...

  2. Kathy,

    the one you did about gratitude a week or so ago...blew me away....

    thanks for sharing this,

  3. I for one am so into the wash my hands of it thingy.
    I will think about it and get back to you regarding the memorable posts because there were a few for me.

  4. I totally love the idea of a physical act to signify or symbolize a transition or ending. I will use this, too.

    Ans thanks for considering the blog carnival :-)

  5. I love the ceremonial post you did, it brought actual change to my thinking immediately.

  6. I have to laugh - my OCD has me washing my hands so often, I don't know that it'd be significant in my life! But I like the thought and will still give it a try :) (Like the knees thing!)
    Posts - just to name a FEW - as you know I LOVE your blog and print out MANY posts for future reference!
    Let it begin with me
    When someone else is my problem
    If you don't believe I'm right...
    Keeping it simple
    Two windows... (maybe my favorite)
    Seeing green (and probably my other favorite!)
    God bless!!!!

  7. I hope your visit to the land of no computers is restful.

  8. great idea. washing our hands of things, literally, to help us do so psychologically...

    thanks for this :)

    as for your posts, you have so many wonderful posts. i think you have tons that would be great choices.

    recently, i loved this one especially:

  9. oh and heather's mom reminded me of another favorite:

    that one helped me and still does a lot!

    and this one~ i still think about you and that coffee cup and you not picking it up. :)

  10. I too think the Ceremonial post is a keeper Kathy. Thank you once again for another informational post. Blessings and hugs.

  11. Terrific idea - washing our hands of something that we have "turned over" and "let go of". Doing things in 3s works.


  12. this is so good. I have to rememeber wash my hands of the issue after I pray about it. Have fun ok.

  13. It might not be "scientific" but it makes alot of sense. Thanks for passing some good advice.