Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Everything There is a Season...

Spring is in the air.

Up at the land, the birds have returned. Seasonal creeks are running with snow melt. Change is coming.

Back here at home, a spiritual adviser I admire is moving on. The change is good news. A promotion and the chance to fulfill a dream.

Still. For a moment I felt struck by the news. Selfishly, I worried about his successor. Would he or she have that same appeal? Would he or she be able to shine a light like a laser until I felt the prick of truth?

Then I remembered something I heard at a meeting. That whatever people God puts in our path are the right people. We can enjoy them while they are here. If we are lucky and if we are listening, sometimes God speaks to us through them. And when God decides it is time for them to move on to new places and new people, we need to let them go.

So I did. I felt glad for him, and I let him go.


  1. Change is hard though, so I hear you. Beautiful ways that you worked through that. Good reminders for all.

  2. We are human and it would be the same for me if I were just told someone I count on was moving. You worked it through though and were on the place of wishing him well. Good for you. Now you can look on this experience as an adventure. Hugs to you.

  3. Most people don't like change. I recently read that planned change is even more troublesome to the ego than unplanned change. However, good things happen when we get out of the way and let God work.

  4. Kathy,
    Woo! Hoo! Spring is coming. I saw a butterfly yesterday. I have been so cold and I live in South Florida.

    The letting go of people is hard. I still miss Dr T. so much, but I know it was time to let go.
    My heart is still grieving, though. :(


  5. Letting go of anything or anyone takes practice and even then I still sometimes look up and ask the Universe if I really have to! I am glad there is peace for you today.


  6. Kathy thank you for this great post. Letting go, hard one....
    Also, thank you for your continued support of encouaragement to me as I journey on. Blessings.

  7. This was beautiful! Thank you as always for your kind thoughts and expressions.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and that we're right where we're supposed to be in life. Wish the departing person well and look forward to having some one new in your spiritual life.

  9. Tender and as always I learn something. ♥

  10. Awesome post!
    Yes, it is hard to see people move on. It is human to want to hang on to what is good in our lives. It truly does feel as if one door closing leaves room for another to open.

  11. letting go is huge...good for you and this post feels spring. Take gentle care. Sarah

  12. This is so honest...!! I so admire your honesty.. of course you don't want to see him go.. and know that you do have to Let Go.. and Let God.. you are so wise..

  13. wow, i didn't realize i'd missed so many of your posts. i really have enjoyed catching up on them. it's amazing how we can get lost wrapped up in our own thoughts. i liked the "rules" you listed in the post after this one. i have definitely felt better after cleaning my bathroom at times when i've felt out of control. i don't appreciate rigidity. but what i do appreciate are guidelines that would help us shift our focus.

    as for this post, this is also a good reminder of how we can approach change in a new way.

    one of my favorite quotes is, "sometimes the only thing of which we can be certain, is that there will be change." and if we can embrace that and approach change with curiosity rather than dread, it can transform our experience...

    hugs to you~~~